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Wed Nov 29 09:15:14 UTC 2023 - Martin Hauke <>
- Update to version 23.11
Breaking Changes
* Changed conf dir defaults to just SYSCONFDIR.
* Changed verbosity of Protocols Registered output.
* Changed example conf file to use defaults.
* Changed help texts to print to stdout.
* Fixed Oregon Scientific channel renumbering, BREAKING change
to THN132N channel 3.
* Changed MQTT client ID to contain all params.
* Fixed GEO-minim matching, BREAKING change to id field.
* Changed Inkbird-ITH20R temperature2_C to temperature_2_C
BREAKING change.
* Added support for Schou 72543 rain sensor
* Added support for Bresser Lightning and Bresser Air Quality.
* Added support for Tekelek oil gauge
* Added support for Nissan Leaf TPMS.
* Added support for Carchet TPMS.
* Added support for Bresser water leakage sensor PN: 7009975.
* Added support for discovering Govee water sensors to
* Added support for newer Chuango DWC-102 close command.
* Added support for TFA Stratos 30.3151 and improve Fineoffset
* Added support for IROX ETS69 to Ewig Emos-TTX201.
* Added support for ThermoPro TX-2C.
* Added support for Fineoffset WS90.
* Added support for Acurite 592TX.
* Added support for Oregon Scientific AWR129 BBQ thermometer.
* Added support for Celsia CZC1.
* Added support for Baldr/Rainpoint rain gauge.
* Added support for EezTire-E618 TPMS10ATC.
* Added support for LaCrosse TX31U-IT.
* Added support for Revolt Energy Monitor NC-5462.
* Added support for Emax EM3551H with Gust without UV/Lux to
* Added support for Wireless M-Bus Mode T Downlink.
* Added support for Gasmate-BA1008.
* Added support for Oil-SonicSmart.
* Added support for Watchman Sonic Advanced / Plus decoder.
* Added support for CED7000 timer.
* Added support for Emax Weather Sensor, improves Altronics X7064
* Added support for TFA Dostmann 14.1504 Radio-controlled grill
and meat thermometer.
* Added support for new revision of Govee H5054 water leak
* Added support for Vauno EN8822C.
* Added support for WEC-2103 temperature/humidity sensor.
* Added support for Neptune R900 flow meters.
* Added support for SRSmith SRS-2C-TX Pool Remote Control.
* Added support for Kia Rio III (UB) and Hyundai TPMS sensors.
* Added support for TyreGuard 400 TPMS.
* Added support for GEO minim+ energy monitor.
* Added support for longer EFTH800 messages.
* Added decoder conf for PHOX garage gate opener.
* Added decoder conf for Driveway alarm motion sensor I8-W1901.
* Added decoder conf for Reolink doorbell.
* Added decoder conf for SWETUP garage door remote.
* Added decoder conf for ELRO AB440 remote.
* Added decoder conf for xmas tree remote 2APJZ-CW002.
* Added decoder conf for GE Smartremote Plus.
* Added standardized detect key for Govee-Water.
* Added restartable SDR device.
* Changed to async SDR acquire thread.
* Changed to second Ctrl-C is a hard abort.
* Added log output, log redirect, colored KV log.
* Changed to use moisture class.
* Changed to add battery_mV.
* Changed Fineoffset-WS90 packet size check.
* Fixed logging message in HA script.
* Added Pool/Spa Thermometer PN 7009973 note to Bresser-6in1.
* Added php example stream script.
* Added checksum and battery_ok to WEC-2103.
* Changed version number to exclude nightly tag.
* Changed EezTire-E618 checksum, include flags.
* Changed startup help text to the actual help page.
* Improved some strcpy strncpy to snprintf.
* Improved all plain sprintf to snprintf.
* Fixed Somfy-IOHC length check.
* Added warning if firewall blocks loopback.
* Improved HA script with precipitation and wind speed class.
* Fixed Honeywell-CM921 temperature msg.
* Added Lidl Auriol 4-LD6313 and 4-LD5972 temperature/rain sensor.
* Improved HA script with current class.
* Improved handling of units within HA UI.
* Improved HA script with detailed units.
* Fixed HA script allow list id typo.
* Fixed Fineoffset-WH1050 return value.
* Fixed Inkbird-ITH20R battery_ok key and range.
* Fixed HA script remove device name from entities.
* Fixed HA script topics.
* Fixed malformed json on empty row print.
* Fixed Ecowitt-WS90 extra data output.
* Added description of startup bit to Bresser-5in1.
* Fixed various spelling.
* Added lower temp bounds to Acurite-5n1, Acurite-Atlas.
* Added humidity_1, humidity_2 to rtl_433_mqtt_hass.
* Added timestamp to logs in rtl_433_mqtt_hass.
* Fixed HASS script rain_rate_mm_h typo.
* Fixed Eurochron-EFTH800 radio_clock hour decoding.
* Changed Fineoffset-WS90 to add firmware version.
* Changed ThermoPro TX-2C to enable humidity.
* Added radio clock to Fineoffset-WH1050.
* Added battery voltage to EcoWitt-WH40.
* Changed EMOS-E6016 wind speed and battery.
* Improved Holman ws5029, Add support for AOK-5056 and correction
for Emax.
* Fixed current frequency and sample rate info.
* Changed rtl_433_mqtt_hass to enable passing custom topics.
* Added extra digit to Oregon Scientific for AWR129.
* Changed Acurite 896 rain gauge to default enabled.
* Changed CM160 output to double.
* Fixed CM160 energy calculation factor.
* Changed r_device.fields to constant pointer.
* Added total energy kWh to CM160 readings.
* Fixed Fitipower FC0012 gain quirk.
* Added unlockable rtl_tcp control.
* Fixed rtl_tcp for slow send buffers.
* Fixed Oil-SonicAdv missing messages.
* Fixed LaCrosse-R1/LaCrosse-R3 rain value.
* Added char const check to symbolizer.
* Fixed flowis protocol decoding, alarm and back flow parameters.
* Changed literals to string const for strict
discarded-qualifiers warnings.
* Added Schrader 3039 TPMS for Infiniti Nissan Renault note to
* Fixed Emax units.
* Added TLS debug info for influxs and mqtts.
* Fixed Emax LUX decoding.
* Fixed Vauno-EN8822C false positives.
* Added Flowis protocol decoder.
* Added Wireless M-Bus, Mode T Downlink.
* Fixed out-of-bounds in Klimalogg-Pro.
* Fixed Somfy-RTS for wrong bitrate.
* Changed all r_device declarations to const.
* Fixed pointer restrict for C++ compilers.
* Fixed TFA-141504v2 decoder length check.
* Added radio clock decode to Eurochron-EFTH800.
* Changed Somfy-IOHC to recognize more messages.
* Fixed Oregon Scientific negative temp, add BCD sanity checks.
* Added ESIC/SCMplus fields to rtl_433_mqtt_hass.
* Changed LaCrosse TX invalid humidity handling.
* Fixed json keys for wmbus to be unique.
* Fixed Bresser-ProRainGauge rain digits.
* Fixed light reading on Cotech-367959 when no sensor installed.
* Fixed HCS200 serial ID decoding.
* Added TLS options to InfluxDB output.
* Added output log level options.
* Fixed battery flag in AmbientWeather-WH31E/WH31B.
* Changed more fprintf to log prints.
* Changed fprintf to log prints.
* Changed verbosity to match log level.
* Added basic logger.
* Fixed JSON output string escaping.
* Added decode_dm flex option.
Sat Nov 19 16:04:10 UTC 2022 - Martin Hauke <>

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# spec file for package rtl_433
# Copyright (c) 2022 SUSE LLC
# Copyright (c) 2017-2022, Martin Hauke <>
# Copyright (c) 2023 SUSE LLC
# Copyright (c) 2017-2023, Martin Hauke <>
# All modifications and additions to the file contributed by third parties
# remain the property of their copyright owners, unless otherwise agreed
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Name: rtl_433
Version: 22.11
Version: 23.11
Release: 0
Summary: Application turning the RTL2832 dongle into a 433.92MHz generic data receiver
License: GPL-2.0-only